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Report Back from Conference

Join us on the Tuesday 10th December at 7:30pm in Room 10, Partick Burgh Halls for a report on the Left Unity Founding Conference. Will be followed by open discussion.

All welcome!

Join Left Unity


On November 30th 2013, Left Unity became Britain’s new radical party of the left.

If you want to help shape this new party; if you believe there is an alternative to capitalism; if you want to be part of a genuinely open, democratic and inclusive movement; then click HERE to join Left Unity.

To get in touch with the Glasgow branch email or visit us on Facebook. Or come along to our next meeting, details of which can be found on this site.

Plans For Australians To Make A lot Of Money From Our Coal


The coalition government is giving away the nation’s coal and the chairman of an Australian company tells a group of investors people can make a lot of money out of their licenses for 1 billion tons of Scotland’s coal “while we colonials sock it to the English”, writes Mel Kelly.

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A New Party of the Left

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