Plans For Australians To Make A lot Of Money From Our Coal


The coalition government is giving away the nation’s coal and the chairman of an Australian company tells a group of investors people can make a lot of money out of their licenses for 1 billion tons of Scotland’s coal “while we colonials sock it to the English”, writes Mel Kelly.

The Riverside chairman explains “You cannot just wander into Australia and pick up a large amount of coal for nothing” “most of the coal is pegged and if it’s not pegged you might have a very expensive tender on your hands to pick up an exploration license”

As Riverside cannot get their hands on Australia’s coal they decided to come to the UK to see if they could get ours without having to go through a very expensive tender for an exploration licence as they would have to do in Australia.

And he said “they timed it perfect to come to England”, a country with good infrastructure and lots of coal and the coalition government “gave them the pick of the new UCG licenses” – and they were handed two licenses securing their company the rights and interests to a billion tons of coal in the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

The Australian company plan to burn the coal underground to produce gas using a new process called UCG – which is currently banned in Australia after Australian trials by private companies demonstrated the full process was still not developed yet despite using world leading technology.

UCG trials in Australia, America and India have caused major groundwater contamination with benzene and toluene. There is no safe lower limit for benzene – it just kills (think Erin Brockovich).

Friends of the Earth website explains, another Australian company, Cougar Energy, taking part in the trials in Australia, covered up water contamination with benzene and toluene for two months. When the Queensland government found out they shut down the plant. Farmers can no longer use the bore holes.

Cougar energy made a big song and dance that they were suing the government but they dropped the lawsuit without receiving one cent from the Queensland government. They have recently changed their company name to try to distance themselves from the scandal and try to woo back investors.

The Riverside Chairman tried to play down this incident during his presentation and claimed “It is highly likely that Cougar Energy did not pollute the water but they sure as hell mishandled it”. The court case against Cougar for polluting the water will be heard this month as they are charged with three breaches of the Environmental Protection Act.

Mr Bishop then boasted the UCG licenses he has secured for 1 billion tons of the Scottish Nation’s coal “should power the whole of Scotland for 150 years” – what is David Cameron doing giving an Australian company 2 licenses in Scotland in 2010 (and 4 in England) when we are just about to vote on Independence.

What does the Scottish government think of this especially as Mr Bishop says in the presentation “he gets a rather sense of joy of the colonials going back and socking it to the English – let me share it with you it’s a nice feeling”. It sounds like he is socking it to the Scottish people as well.

Mr Bishop claims on his slide the Scottish government had declared his project as “A Project of National Importance”. The SNP government also claimed Donald Trump’s golf course was a project of national importance too – demonstrating the SNP government is developing a pattern of letting rich people from other countries walk in to Scotland to profit from the Scottish Nation’s resources, at our expense.

John Bishop boasted “No government is going to ignore UCG – the profits from UCG are too big to ignore” and that UCG will be like the Coal Bed Methane launched 5 or 6 years ago – “a lot of people made a lot of money out of it”.

But it looks like it will not be the people of Scotland or the people of England as the coalition government, unlike the Australian government, is allowing people to walk into our country and get their hands on the Nations coal for their profit “socking it to us”

And it’s not just John Bishop who has walked into the country and got UCG licenses for billions of tons of the Nation’s coal from the coalition government without “expensive tendering processes”.

A former Tory Party fundraiser, Algy Cluff, who has been living in Africa for years has walked back in to the country and set up a new company Cluff Natural Resources. It states on the website “Cluff Natural Resources will benefit from the many government and business contacts made by Algy Cluff over the course of his career

And this statement has proven to be true as Cluff Natural Resources have also been handed licenses securing this company the rights and interests in bilions of tons of the nation’s coal in England, Scotland and Wales – for their profit from the coalition government.

Neither company has any UCG experience as independent UCG “experts” at Newcastle University state “despite 50 years of trials, no commercial UCG project has been demonstrated”.

Looks like they are both “socking it to us”


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