Scottish Day School – April 19

Scottish Day School – 19 April

Join us on Saturday, April 19 for a day of discussion and debate hosted by Left Unity Glasgow.

All welcome!

Confirmed speakers include Prof. Hillel Ticktin. More details to be announced.

Venue: Avant Garde (back function room), 34-44 King street, Glasgow, G1 5QT
Time: 12pm -4pm
Date: Sat 19 April


Branch Meeting – Tues 8 April – 19:30

Branch Meeting – April 8

Join us on Tuesday, April 8 for a Glasgow Left Unity branch meeting.

All welcome!


– Report from conference (excluding the independence motions/debate)
– Independence motions
– Final arrangements for day school on Saturday 19th April
– Schedule of public meetings/branch meetings April – June (including the Refugee Week event in June)
– Nominations for Scottish region
– New members
– Edward Snowden for Rector campaign

Venue: LT B (Room 412), Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow
Time: 7:30pm -9:00pm
Date: Tues 8 April

Snowden Rectorial Fight Spotlights State Spying

The practices of GCHQ and the NSA are fundamentally at odds with an open, free and democratic society.  This is why we, as Glasgow University students, chose to nominate and campaign for the whistleblower Edward Snowden: to show our support for his actions and our disgust with the perverse desire of the security services to monitor our every keystroke. Continue reading Snowden Rectorial Fight Spotlights State Spying

Who is Closing Scotland’s Police Control Rooms And Why? – Mel Kelly

When MSPs voted to sieze policing from 32 democratically elected local councils across Scotland, councillors warned this would give power to the unelected and the unaccountable – and this has proven to be true, writes Mel Kelly.
Continue reading Who is Closing Scotland’s Police Control Rooms And Why? – Mel Kelly

The Fight Against ATOS – Tues 7th Jan

Join us on Tuesday the 7th of January, 7:30pm in Room 3 of the STUC building for a discussion on the fight against ATOS led by David Churchley.

The discussion will be followed by a Left Unity Glasgow branch meeting. All are welcome to both.

TIME: 7:30pm | DATE: 7-1-14 | PLACE: Room 3, STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow

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